Ojos del Salado our specialty

9 expedition we operated on Ojos del Salado this season 2017 / 2018, and we are preparing for the next-one, proud to be part of your climbing adventure, thank to all of you and see you soon in a new climbing goal.

members from France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Spain, USA, Japan, Austria, Poland, Romania, India, Singapore, Switzerland, Holland and we are so happy to climb with you 🙂

this year we evacuate 2 members with medical issuess, because the high altitud condition, nothing serious happened because the reaction was on time. Remember, Ojos del Salado is one of the highest mountains on the planet and is located in the most driest condiction on the earth. so if you  decide to come, be sure to training and bring the proper gear for that incredible adventure with this crazy environment condition.


see some pictures of our expedition http://www.facebook.com/highmountainexperience

see our new departures for next season 2018/2019 https://www.highmountainla.com/expeditions/ojos-del-salado


Any question? Call us for better care (+56 2) 2 209 61 75, contact us  or WhatsApp us.