Our Guides

We are specialist guiding in chilean andes with great rate of success in Ojos del Salado and other Andean summit in South America.

Guillermo Palma

Chief Guide at High Mountain, and the brains behind all of our support and services provided by our fine mountain guides agency. Accounting with more than 16 years in experience leading expeditions across the ultimate summits of Chile and the far altitudes of South America. As soon as he majored in Ecotourism at Instituto del Medio Ambiente [IDMA (Chile)], Guillermo, without missing a shot, became a safety-expert in Avalanche Operations at the Canadian Avalanche Association [CAA]. Quickly complementing -back in Chile- [his learnings] at [the] Escuela Nacional de Montaña [ENAM] with the WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDING [WFR] certification, by NOLS and VIAL Adventure [Chile]. Some of his most highlighted summits are Aconcagua, Ojos del Salado, Huascaran, Llullaillaco, Little Alpamayo, Illimani, Condoriri, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, among other remarkable summits in South America.

Carolina Soto

Ecotourism Technician and Personal Trainer. Co-founder of High Mountain, Carolina has been a corner stone to the company, managing all support and communications directly with our guides on the field, porters, transport, lodging and clients. She is currently running High Mountain’s rental department, supplying and deploying gear and equipment for expedition activities and to the mountain community in Chile.

Cristian Ordenes

Leading Guide to HM. Loves new challenges, as he is constantly perfecting himself and pushing himself up to new levels with his technique climbing both rock and ice. Always going to new places, Cristian has a thing for unusual and far regions of America. He is the leading guide to most [of our] expeditions to Ojos del Salado. Since 1999, when he majored in Ecotourism at Universidad Andres Bello, Cristian never stopped climbing [ever since]. He is [also] licensed by the WFR certification, rescue, and both rock and ice climbing. Gaining much of his experience through many expeditions across Chile and South America. Crowning many of the highest summits such as Ojos del Salado, Pissis, Huascaran, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Illimani and Condoriri, to name a few.

Álvaro Donoso

Former Chilean Army asset, walked away from his military career once he got acquainted with the mountain experience, committing completely to mountaineering and rock climbing. Constantly outranking himself, he is always on the look for a higher challenge, proving himself better every time. He’s shown great skills as a mountain-cook, delighting everybody with his well elaborated dishes. Since his early beginning at High Mountain, Alvaro has proved himself a major support on logistics development towards our client’s safety and satisfaction. He has achieved great ascensions over the Ojos del Salado sector, and Nevado Tres Cruces.

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