Services at Camps

Welcome to High Mountain Expeditions, where we offer full-service camping designed to give you an unforgettable mountain experience. Our camping services are carefully designed to ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment while exploring the majestic mountains of the desert.

At High Mountain Expeditions, we are proud to offer a wide range of camping services to suit your specific needs. Our base camp has an innovative structural dome kitchen-dining room, designed to resist strong winds and UV rays, as well as provide a cozy and safe space to enjoy your meals and moments of rest.

In addition, the base camp is equipped with a solar panel that provides sustainable energy, radio communication and satellite internet to keep us connected, and a rescue team for any eventuality.

We care about offering you quality food, so at High Mountain Expeditions we make sure that all our meals are natural, healthy, and that they meet the energy demand necessary for the activity during the expedition. This through nutritious and tasty dishes prepared by our kitchen team.

In addition, we understand the importance of maintaining communication with the outside world, even in remote locations. That is why we offer satellite internet services at our base camp, so you can stay connected with your projects or family.

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional camping experience, where all you have to worry about is your goal.

Camping equipment: We provide you with all the necessary camping equipment so that you can establish comfortable and safe camps during your expedition. This includes high quality tents, sleeping bags, mats, cooking utensils and other essentials to ensure your comfort in harsh high mountain conditions.

Internet Connectivity: We understand the importance of staying connected even in remote environments. For this reason, we offer high-speed Internet connectivity services at our base camp, allowing you to communicate with your loved ones, share your experiences on social networks or even keep in touch with your work team if you are carrying out a scientific expedition.

Structural Dome Kitchen Dining: Our innovative structural dome is a strong and versatile space, specifically designed to function as a kitchen and dining area at the base camp. With its resistance to high winds, fire and UV protection, and its ability to accommodate large groups, the dome provides a welcoming environment where you can enjoy meals and relax after a day of activities.

Sustainable Energy: At High Mountain Expeditions, we care about the environment, which is why we use solar panels to generate power at our base camp. This allows us to have a sustainable and reliable source of energy to charge electronic equipment, maintain the communication system and provide lighting in the camp.

Communication and security: At our base camp, we have radio communication to keep us connected with other teams and with local authorities in case of emergencies. In addition, our rescue team is prepared and equipped to act quickly in case of any risk situation or need for help.

Natural and healthy and energetic food: At High Mountain Expeditions, we are proud to offer quality food during your expeditions. Our team of expert cooks prepare delicious dishes using fresh and nutritious ingredients. We accommodate your dietary needs and strive to provide you with an exceptional culinary experience on the mountain

Camper Car: we offer camper car rental service as a bedroom option. These camper cars are designed with your comfort and autonomy in mind during your expedition in the mountains. Separate solar power system, you will have access to electricity to charge your electronic devices, lighting and other necessary equipment. Proper ventilation provides you with a cool and pleasant environment to rest. In addition, the windows with curtains allow you to regulate the entrance of light and privacy. Two access doors also have a front and rear cellar, a 100-liter water tank.

Exclusive bathroom service: At High Mountain Expeditions, we care about caring for the environment and proper handling of biological waste. For this reason, we are the only ones to offer exclusive bathrooms for High Mountain clients. We have waste management systems that guarantee hygiene and the preservation of the natural environment.


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