Full Logistics Support

Our complete logistics service is ideal for those looking for complete and worry-free support during their mountain expedition. Includes all the services of the basic service and more



If you are looking for complete and worry-free support during your mountain expedition, our full logistics service is the perfect option. We take care of all the logistical aspects, from the management of permits and accommodation to transportation, complete food, water supply, communication and waste management. With our team of highly trained professionals, you can focus on enjoying your mountain adventure to the fullest while we take care of all the details. Experience the comfort and confidence of having full support, allowing you to focus on your main goal.

Logistics support: We provide full support throughout the expedition, ensuring that your logistical needs are met efficiently.

Permit management: We take care of all the necessary procedures to obtain the required permits in the protected areas and mountains that you want to explore.

Hotel management: We take care of the search and reservation of accommodation both before and after the expedition, so that you can focus on enjoying the mountain.

Transfer management: We organize transfers from the meeting point to the base camp and vice versa, ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

Mountain tents: We provide quality mountain tents so that you can rest during the expedition.

Use of dining dome: Our dining dome is the perfect place to enjoy delicious meals prepared by our kitchen team.

All Meals: We offer you a complete and balanced diet, designed to provide the necessary energy during the expedition.

Water supply: We make sure to provide drinking water during your expedition, to maintain your hydration and well-being in the mountains.

Satellite Internet Access in BC: Stay connected to the outside world thanks to our satellite Internet access at the base camp.

Radio communication: We put at your disposal communication radios to be in contact with our team and other hikers. (Customer must bring their own inReach communicator.)

Use of dry toilets: Our exclusive dry toilets guarantee proper waste management and care for the natural environment. Waste management: We take care of the proper management of the waste generated during the expedition, following sustainable and responsible practices.

Use of rescue elements: In case of an emergency, we have rescue elements available for use under the authorization and supervision of the camp manager.

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