Ojos del Salado 5 Days

The highest Volcano on earth, for pre acclimatized persons

Atacama desert. Copiapó, Chile
USD$ From 1900

5 days
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Open Expedition: 

This expedition has pre-established departure dates and you share it with other people.

Departures, season 2024 / 2025

Mo 11 Nov / Fr 15 Nov 2024

Th 21 Nov / Mo 25 Nov 2024

Su 01 Dec / Th 05 Dec 2024

We 11 Dec / Su 15 Dec 2024

Tu 17 Dec / Sa 21 Dec 2024

Sa 21 Dec / We 25 Dec 2024 (confirmed)

We 01 Jan / Su 05 Jan 2025

Su 05 Jan / Th 09 Jan 2025

Sa 11 Jan / We 15 Jan 2025

Tu 21 Jan / Sa 25 Jan 2025

Fr 31 Jan / Tu 04 Feb 2025

Mo 10 Feb / Fr 14 Feb 2025

Th 20 Feb / Mo 24 Feb 2025

Su 02 Mar / Th 06 Mar 2025

We 12 Mar / Su 16 Mar 2025

Sa 22 Mar / We 26 Mar 2025

Tu 01 Apr / Sa 05 Apr 2025

Fr 11 Apr / Tu 15 Apr 2025

Private Service: You choose the best convenience date for you and your group. Price depending on number of people booked. Contact us for more details.

Itinerary and services per day

Our Ojos del Salado expedition include the following services:

  • Mountain guide (English / Spanish)
  • Private transportation to climbing areas (4WD)
  • 1 hotel night in Copiapó
  • Mountain tents (each one is for 2 persons)
  • Foam mat
  • Dinner tent with table and chairs
  • Full cooking kit
  • All meals within the expedition (Breakfast, box lunch, diner)
  • Professional first aids kit
  • Oxygen tank
  • Heart rate monitor and oximeter
  • VHF Radio
  • Satellite radio
  • All group equipment: rope, stove, GPS, etc.

 Our services do NOT include

  • Personal mountain equipment
  • Transfer to airport
  • Traveling and rescue insurances. We strongly recommend you to get them
  • Any other service which wasn’t mentioned above (restaurant meals, beverages , tips, etc.)
  • International and national flights and boarding fees.
  • Climbing permit USD 200

Significant information for climbing to Ojos del Salado


High desert is the prevailing climate in the sector. There are very large temperature variations between day and night, reaching temperatures below -20ºC. If you want to climb to Ojos del Salado summit or Aconcagua, it is fundamental to have very good technical clothing and equipment that meets these climatic requirements.

Climbing permit

For the expedition to Ojos del Salado it is necessary to obtain two climbing permits. One is granted by the State Borders and Limits Directorate (DIFROL) which has no cost, it is only advisable to start the paperwork 20 business days in advance. The second permit to climb Ojos del Salado must be obtained in Copiapó, which is valid for 12 days inside the park and has a very reasonable cost (USD 200).

Climbing season

The official climbing season for Ojos del Salado starts on November 1st to march 31st of the next year. If you want to do an expedition out of that dates, you have to ask for an special permit. We could help you to obtain it.

Areas and camps in Ojos del Salado

Valle chico: An interesting oasis in Atacama desert. It is located at 3040 meters, being the perfect place to start the expedition and the acclimatization process.

Laguna Santa Rosa: It is located at an altitude of 3170 masl and 154 km away from Copiapó. The ground is hard and muddy near the lagoon. It is an important part of the Nevado de Tres Cruces National Park where it is possible to see foxes, flamingos, guanacos and vicuñas.

Laguna del Negro Francisco: It is located also inside the Nevado de Tres Cruces National Park. It is further away than other camps, but it is worth going to know it and do acclimatization trekkings. It has a mountain refuge provided with basic amenities.

Laguna Verde: It is located at 4340 masl. It has a hot springs sector. It is a very appropriate place to set up the base camp, because it is provided with ample land and also has stone shelters (pircas) which help windstorm tents withstand these hard conditions.

Atacama refuge: Located at 5260 masl, it is very comfortable to arrive there by vehicle. You have to walk the last two hours only.

Tejos refuge: With a height of 5837 masl, this refuge is provided with beds where you could pass a comfortable night.

Summit: To access the small summit of Ojos del Salado, you have to cross several characteristic and important sectors such as: a 100-meter long snowfield with a 35º slope and it is also necessary to carry out a rock climb of approximately 30 meters without much technical difficulty and at a height of 6860 masl.

Additional Information:

  • 1 guide for every 3 climbers
  • Satellite Telephone (has a charge of USD 6 per minute)
  • 2 people per hotel room
  • USD 300 per person if you want a single room, please let us know
  • USD 100 per person if you want a private tent, please let us know
  • Hotel accommodation includes *Breakfast (see itinerary)
  • Permit State Borders and Limits Directorate (DIFROL) has no cost
  • Park permit in Copiapó has a cost of USD 200 per person *SUSPENDED*
  • We recommend you to travel with small bills
  • The temperature can be lower than -25ºC /-13ºF

High Mountain is NOT responsible for:

  • Personal services (laundry, snacks, drinks, meals in restaurants, etc.)
  • Personal mountain equipment
  • Expenses incurred in rescues or early abandonment of the expedition
  • Delays due to flights or any form of transportation which are your responsibility
  • Meteorological changes that may affect the expedition.

Clothing and proper equipment

In order to avoid any injury we strongly recommend to all the expedition members to have the mountain equipment described below. Each piece of the equipment will help us on the summit day, which may be terribly cold (even -35ºC /-33ºF). The proper equipment is crucial to achieve our goal.

Upper body parts

  • Sun hat
  • Wool hat
  • Balaclava / ski mask
  • 2 or 3 long sleeve polypropylene shirts or similar
  • Polar windstopper, soft-shell or similar
  • Waterproof jacket (Gore Tex, Triple Point, or similar)
  • Down feather parka with hood
  • Polypropylene gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Down feather mittens ( -25 ºC / -13ºF)

Down body parts

  • 1 polypropylene long underwear (or similar)
  • 2 trekking pants
  • Windproof pants (Gore Tex, Triple Point, or similar)
  • 2 or 3 pairs thin socks (Liners)
  • 2 or 3 pairs of thermal socks
  • Gaiters
  • Trekking boots (approach)
  • Mountain boots (double plastic or leather boots)

Personal equipment

  • Trekking stick (telescopic)
  • 2 carabiners
  • 2 prusik cord
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Ice axe 70 cm or more
  • Crampons
  • Sleeping bag (Tº lower than -20ºC)
  • Inflatable and foam mattress
  • Expedition duffel or backpack (100 liters aprox.)
  • Daypack (40 liters)
  • Headlamp and extra batteries
  • Sunglasses (category 3 or 4)
  • Goggles
  • 2 bottles of water (1 liter each)
  • Thermos flask (1 liter)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 40)
  • Lips sunscreen (SPF 30) (Blistex)
  • Whistle, emergency mirror and pocket knife
  • Toiletries
  • Digital camera, book, mp3, Binoculars. [optional]
  • Personal repair kit

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