Our guides team got WFR certification

October 5 , 2023 | News

Greetings to all mountain and adventure lovers!

At High Mountain Experience, we have always strived to provide exceptional unforgettable experiences in nature. Today we want to share some exciting news that reinforces our commitment to your safety and well-being while we explore some of the most remote and iconic places in South America.

Our guides team has taken a great step in their preparation and constant training. Recently, they once again successfully completed the WFR (Wilderness First Responder) course. This course is an international standard in wilderness primary care and is designed specifically for situations in remote and wilderness areas, where professional medical care may be far away or delayed.

Key skills that are fundamental to your safety have been acquired by our team during the WFR course, such as:

Basic and emergency primary care: Our guides are prepared to face a wide variety of emergency situations in outdoor environments; from injuries to illnesses.

Patient evaluation: They are able to evaluate and solve problems under field conditions.

Immobilization and wound management: They know how to immobilize fractures and how to manage wounds effectively.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation): They are trained to administer CPR in emergency cases.

Evacuation: They understand how to plan and execute evacuations in emergency situations.

In addition to these essential aspects, our guides have also learned to make crucial decisions in emergency situations and to act with the resources available in wild environments. This training is especially meaningful for mountain and wilderness guides, outdoor group leaders, national park staff, and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and wants to be prepared to respond to wilderness emergencies.

We are committed to quality and safety

At High Mountain Experience, in all aspects of our expeditions, we are committed to excellence. It is essential to us maintaining high standards of safety and quality, and this training is evidence to that commitment. We want you to feel safe and well cared for at every moment of your adventure.

With a team trained and certified in wilderness primary care, CPR, and bleeding management, we are more prepared than ever to face any challenge nature throws our way. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or someone looking for their first experience at altitude, at High Mountain Experience, we are here to assist you.

Thank you for being part of our community of mountain lovers. We hope that these news reinforce your trust in us and in our commitment to your safety and satisfaction. We hope to see you on our next mountain expeditions!

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