Successful closing of the 23-24 expedition season at High Mountain

June 15 , 2024 | News

It has been an unforgettable season with High Mountain! With a proud achievement of summits close to 90%, our team has conquered some of the most challenging peaks in the region, including the imposing Ojos del Salado, the majestic Nevado Tres Cruces, the impressive Incahuasi, the mythical Llullaillaco, the iconic El Plomo and the challenging Marmolejo, among others.

Without the trust and unconditional support of our clients and collaborators, the success of this season would not have been possible. Their dedication and enthusiasm were essential to achieving these goals. Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure with High Mountain!

In addition to the summits conquered, we are excited to share the achievements in height records. With the logistical support we offer for vehicles such as Porsche, BMW – Metzler motorcycles and Yamaha with Pol Tarrés, we have reached impressive heights, including a record of 6755 meters. This marks a milestone in our history and encourages us to continue challenging limits!

What has been fundamental in our season is our base camp in Laguna Verde. In addition to offering security and comfort, it has been the meeting point to plan our expeditions and share unforgettable moments. We are proud that this base camp made a difference in our experience.

In conclusion, the 23-24 season has been an incredible journey full of challenges, achievements and unforgettable moments. We are grateful for every step taken, every summit reached and every sunrise shared. We look forward to the next season and the adventures that await us with High Mountain!

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