The attractions of Copiapó, A visit Beyond the high peaks

December 23 , 2023 | News

Copiapó has become the starting and return point for exciting expeditions to the majestic Ojos del
Salado for mountain lovers. However, what you may not know is that this northern Chilean city offers a
wealth of natural and cultural treasures to explore before or after your climb up the mountain.

While you prepare or recover energy from your Ojos del Salado adventure, consider extending your stay
in Copiapó to enjoy a complete experience in this region of the Andes. In this blog, we will guide you
through some of the nearby attractions that await you, giving you the chance to immerse yourself even
more in the beauty and culture that this corner of Chile has to offer.

Salt Flats and Volcanic Activity
Pedernales Salt Flat: Slide across expanses of salt and contemplate unique geological formations in this
huge salt flat, accessible by all-terrain vehicle. You can explore the salt flats on your own or join a local
Río Negro Hot Springs: Soak in relaxing hot springs after a day of exploring the Pedernales salt flat. These
hot springs are located about 100 km from Copiapó and are ideal for resting, relaxing and replenishing
energy in a mountainous environment.

Juncal Waterfall: Discover this impressive waterfall in the middle of the desert, a natural gem that you
will not want to miss.

Atacama coast
Bahía Inglesa and Caldera: Enjoy golden beaches, and tasty gastronomy in Bahía Ingesa and Caldera, two
coast destinies which offers enchanted and relax. The beaches are ideal for swimming, kayaking, diving,
body boarding and even surfing or just relaxing.

Pan de Azúcar National Park and Llanos de Challe National Park: If you are a nature lover, these parks
will surprise you with their unique biodiversity and impressive landscapes. You can take walks along its
trails and observe the local fauna that coexists alongside the vegetation, mainly cacti that survive thanks
to the coastal humidity, a unique ecosystem.

Whale watching in Chañaral de Aceituno: Head to Chañaral de Aceituno to appreciate the majestic
whale watching in their natural habitat. During the right season, you can embark on a whale watching

Museums, Culture and offroad adventure in Copiapó:
Museums of Copiapó: Immerse yourself in the history and culture of the region by visiting museums
such as the Museo Regional de Atacama and the Museo Mineralógico. These museums offer a
fascinating insight into local history.

Gastronomy: Delight yourself with traditional Chilean dishes in local restaurants. Try dishes like “Pastel
de choclo” and seafood “Ceviche” for an authentic culinary experience.

Kaukari Park and Cerro La Virgen: Enjoy panoramic views from Kaukari Park and Cerro La Virgen, a
worthwhile experience. You can access these areas to take a short hike or simply enjoy nature.

Mina San José: For history enthusiasts, a visit to the San José Mine offers a fascinating insight into the
events that occurred in 2010 during the dramatic rescue of 33 miners trapped for more than two
months underground. Guided tours will take you into the experiences of the mine and its history.

Mar de Dunas: Find peace and contemplation in the Sea of Dunes, a place where sand dunes stretch
to the horizon. Explore the area on a 4×4 tour and marvel at the beauty of the desert and its immensity.

Each of these destinations is a jewel in the heart of Atacama. So, as you prepare to reach the heights of
Ojos del Salado, enjoy these nearby places and make your trip even more memorable. From mountains
to sea and desert, this region awaits you with an adventure that covers all horizons

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