Discover the Summits of El Plomo and Leonera: An Ideal Training Near Santiago

July 3 , 2024 | News

If you are looking for a mountain experience close to Santiago and perfect for acclimatizing to greater challenges, the expedition to Cerro El Plomo and Cerro Leonera is an unbeatable option. These two summits located in the Andes Mountains, not only offer impressive views and a rewarding trekking experience, but are also excellent preparation for more demanding expeditions.

Just a few hours from the Chilean capital, Cerro El Plomo (5,424 meters) and Cerro Leonera (4,954 meters) are accessible, but no less impressive. These hills are known for their scenic beauty, with panoramic views that range from the snow-capped peaks to the valleys and glaciers of the central area of ​​Chile. Additionally, El Plomo is considered sacred by indigenous cultures, adding a layer of mysticism and culture to the adventure.

The Plomo and Leonera expedition lasts five days and is designed for those seeking to acclimatize and train for future expeditions. The altitude and terrain provide an ideal environment to improve your physical condition and adapt to the demands of the high mountains. This experience is especially valuable for those who plan to climb higher and more technical peaks such as Marmolejo, Llullaillaco, Ojos del Salado or Aconcagua to give a few examples.

The Sacred Importance of Cerro El Plomo

Cerro El Plomo is much more than a physical challenge. For indigenous cultures, especially the Incas, this mountain is a sacred place. In 1954, the mummy of an Inca child was discovered at its summit, an archaeological find of great importance. This child, known as “El niño del Plomo”, was sacrificed in a religious ritual more than 500 years ago, and his mummy was found perfectly preserved by the extreme cold. This finding confirms that El Plomo was a site of offerings and sacrifices, a place where the favor of the Andean gods was sought.

The discovery of the mummy has transformed El Plomo into a symbol of the connection between nature, spirituality and history. Climbing this mountain is also an opportunity to reflect on these deep cultural roots and respect for ancestral traditions.

An Expedition for Everyone

Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or someone looking to start their high mountain adventure, this expedition offers the perfect mix of challenge and accessibility. The proximity to Santiago allows for easier logistics, and the five-day duration is manageable for most trekking, mountaineering and climbing enthusiasts.

Visiting El Plomo and Leonera is not only an adventure in itself, but also an investment in your future expeditions. By acclimatizing and training in these mountains, you will be better prepared to face the challenges of higher peaks.

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