New and improved expedition to Ojos del Salado

July 10 , 2024 | Ojos del Salado

We are delighted to present our renewed itinerary for the Ojos del Salado expedition. An experience that has transformed the way we approach this exciting adventure on Chile’s highest mountain.

After two seasons of extensive testing, we have achieved a significant increase in the success of our expeditions, rising from 30% to an impressive 90%. This achievement is the direct result of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the planning of our routes.

Our new approach is focused on ensuring each of our clients is in perfect condition on summit day. To achieve this, we have implemented alternating days of activity and rest, avoiding porting and using 4×4 vehicles whenever possible. Additionally, we have improved the amenities and services at our base camp, offering private bathrooms, domes with kitchens and dining rooms, and even satellite internet access. And, of course, we cannot forget the opportunity to relax and recharge our batteries in the incredible Laguna Verde hot springs.

It is important to note that this itinerary is offered as an alternative to the original. We recognize that some clients may prefer the more traditional way of approaching the expedition. However, we firmly believe that our new approach offers significant benefits, backed by the impressive results of our recent seasons.

At HME we are committed to providing the best possible experience to our clients, whether through our original itinerary or our new alternative. Join us and discover a new way to crown Ojos del Salado!

Day by day

Day 1 Airport – Hotel in Copiapó or Caldera

Day 2 Copiapó – Don Juan camp 2500m

Day 3 Don Juan – Santa Rosa 3780m

Day 4 Santa Rosa – Drive to 4400m – Climb Pastillitos 5070m – Return Santa Rosa

Day 5 Santa Rosa – Laguna Verde Base Camp 4350m

Day 6 Laguna Verde – Hike 5350 on Mulas Muertas 4-5 hrs

Day 7 Rest in Laguna Verde Base Camp

Day 8 Climb Barrancas Blancas 6072m or San Francisco 6016m 6-8 hrs

Day 9 Rest in Laguna Verde Base Camp

Day 10 Drive to Tejos refuge 5900 and hike to 6300 in Ojos del Salado path

Day 11 Rest in Laguna Verde BaseCamp or extra summit day

Day 12 Climb Ojos del Salado 10-12 hrs

Day 13 Return to Copiapó

Day 14 Drop off Airport

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